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Keunggulan dan Manfaat

  • Planting Media – Allows wide choice of planting media
    for green wall plants.
  • Safety – Anti-lift arms prevent inadvertent dislodgement
    of trays.
  • Drainage – Excess water flows into underlying trays or is
    discharged through drainage pipe.
  • Baffle Plate – Distributes irrigation across the Tray
    and prevents media spillage.
  • Planting Density – Allows different vertical and horizontal
    spacing for varied planting options.
  • Water Re-use – Capillary wick draws stored water
    and fertilizer from reservoir.
  • Irrigation – Irrigation pipes are concealed neatly at the
    rear between Trays.
  • Universal Mounting – Able to install on different
    mounting systems with up to 6 universal anchoring points.
  • Mounting Panel – Simplifies installation with minimal wall
    penetrations and less bolts are needed.
  • Soil Volume – Holds 1.8L of soil equivalent to volume in
    150mm dia. pot.
  • Tray Width – 200mm tray width allows flexibility in plant
    spacing and tray layout.