What is VGM®

VGM (Vertical Greening Module) is a principal component in Elmich Green Wall. It is assembled from high strength lightweight plastic structural panels. Each module is 500mm wide x 560mm high with a selectable depth of 125mm to 250mm.

Each VGM contains a geotextile liner into which is placed a suitable lightweight mainly inorganic planting mix. The module is pre-planted in a nursery environment to allow proper establishment to occur before installation on site.

The VGM is encased in a support frame and either anchored onto pilasters mounted onto a wall, mechanically fastened directly onto the wall or inserted into suitable racking structure.

VGM installations include a drip irrigation system which deliver timed release of water and nutrients to the plants. collection trays may be positioned, at ground level to allow overflow or excess water to be discharged or recycled.


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