What is VersiJack®

VersiJack� is a new generation height and slope adjustable pedestal designed for paver and bearer support. It offers users a wide range of component parts to cater to different height requirements, including three pedestal tops (43, 84 and 164mm) and two pedestal bases (74 and 117mm).

The basic pedestal height can be increased to above 1000mm using only three Extenders, thus providing significant cost savings for pedestal heights above 500mm. Building on the innovative features of its predecessor, the VersiJack� 75, the VersiJack� is designed and engineered to provide more versatile and cost-effective solutions for paver and decking installation.

VersiJack� may be used with a combination of one or more accessories, including top and base correctors that allow slope compensation up to 5% each. The base slope corrector enables the pedestal to remain upright on a sloping surface, minimizing possibility of toppling at extended heights.

drainage holes and a slope design at the base flange of the two pedestal bases prevent water retention and breeding of pests .

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