VersiDrain® 6P

What is VersiDrain® 6P

VersiDrain� 6P is an interlocking perforated drainage sheet module manufactured from recycled plastic designed for as an under-screed drainage sheet between the structural floor slab and the sand or mortar screed.

VersiDrain� 6P is used in the construction of pedestrian walkways, plaza deck, balconies and verandahs.

VersiDrain� 6P creates a drainage and ventilation cavity that allows entrapped water in the screed to escape via perforations and drainage channels in the sheet. This prevents water and salts in the screed from migrating upward, via capillary action, to the surface to form unsightly efflorescence and promote algae growth.

VersiDrain� 6P acts as a separation layer that reduces tile and paver cracking caused by expansion of entrapped water and movement of the structural slab. When laid on waterproofing membrane, it provides protection against perforation damage to the membrane caused by on-site labour and heavy equipment.


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