VersiDrain® 25P

What is VersiDrain® 25P

VersiDrain� 25P is a plastic water retention and drainage tray designed to both store and facilitate the efficient discharge of excess subsoil water.

VersiDrain� 25P is used in the construction of green roofs, road verges, median strips, golf courses and playing fields to conserve water used for irrigation and preventing ground salts migrating into the growing media.

VersiDrain� 25P allows water and solube nutrients stored in the cells to be returned, via evaporation and capillary action, to the planting media during dry periods reducing irrigation frequency whilst large holes in the channels allow excess water to be effeciently drained away preventing water-logging and promoting healthy plant growth in wet periods.

VersiDrain� 25P is root-impenetrable, rot-proof and, when used with on a roof deck, provides an insulating and protective layer above the waterproofing membrane.


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