What is SpiraPave®

SpiraPave� is a new generation pedestal for paver and bearer support consisting of top and bottom components paired to create pedestals of different heights, each individually able to step up or down in 1mm increments for precise height adjustments. The pedestals collectively allow uninterrupted progressive height increase from 12mm to 74mm.

SpiraPave� low minimum height of 12mm makes it ideal for installations where conventional height-adjustable pedestals are generally too high to be used.

SpiraPave� may be used with a combination of one or more accessories including a slope corrector which can be placed either on top or at the bottom of the pedestal to enable compensation for fall up to 5%. Slope corrector at the bottom enables the pedestal to be perpendicular thus maintaining stability and compressive strength.

SpiraPave� has a flat smooth base which will not penetrate and compromise the integrity of waterproofing membranes.

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